FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I wash my car?

Your vehicle is exposed to elements and the harsh environment. This means that your vehicles paint is under constant attack by contaminates. These contaminates can bond to the paint and can cause your paint to become rough and dull over time.

For a show car finish, we recommend that your vehicle be washed once a week.
To maintain the finish and paint, washing the car every 2 weeks is recommended. If you wait longer than this, contaminates can begin to bond to your paint.

Q: Does it matter where I take my vehicle to be washed?

YES!!! Washing your vehicle is one of the most important things that you can do to protect the finish.
Did you know that most scratches on the surface of your vehicle come from improper washing? These are tiny little micro abrasions in the clear coat of your paint. They can make your paint look dull and cause damage if they become too deep.That is why it matters who washes your vehicle. You could be paying someone to scratch up your investment.

Mobile Attention to Detail Inc uses one of the best and safest methods.

  • First we rinse off the vehicle to cool the paint and remove loose dirt and contaminates.
  • We then use a foam spray gun that puts foamy car wash soap on the vehicle. This helps to loosen dirt further and contaminates from the paint.
  • We then use a double bucket system – 1 bucket for clean soapy water and 1 bucket of clean water for rinsing. Both buckets have a grit guard so that loose dirt does not get into our wash mitts.
  • We use a plush micro fiber wash mitt. We find that micro fiber works best because it is soft and rinses clean and will not leave fibers behind as wool mitts do.
  • We blow dry the entire vehicle to get rid of excess water that drips out of cracks and corners of the vehicle.
  • We then use a synthetic spray wax on the entire vehicle. This makes the paint POP and provides extra protection to your paint and extends your detailed vehicle.

Mobile Attention To Detail Inc is the clear choice to choose to maintain your vehicle!

Q: How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

At a minimum the vehicle should be detailed once a year. It is ideal to have the vehicle detailed every 6 months to insure that your investment is truly protected.

Q: How long will it take to wash or detail my vehicle?

On average a wash will take 1 to 1 ½ hours. For a detail it varies based on the size and condition of the vehicle, but on average it takes 3-6 hours. We truly care about not cutting corners and making your vehicle look its best!

Q: Where can you wash/detail my vehicle?

We are 100% self reliant and can come to your home or office (provided the property management company will allow us to be there). Mobile Attention To Detail Inc is already approved to work on all properties managed by Harsch Investment Properties and Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.